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Compression for continuous comfort at night

Sleep well – with JOBST Relax!

JOBST Relax are custom-made flat-knit compression garments for nighttime lymphedema management that help you to sleep better – and make your days more enjoyable. Designed to maintain edema reduction and counteract fluid accumulation at night, you will feel the difference and sleep more easily with JOBST Relax.

Comfortable and breathable: the comfort spacer layer

A special knitting technique used in JOBST Relax garments delivers the right balance between fabric thickness, cushioning and breathability. The Comfort Spacer Layer also allows heat and perspiration to be transferred much more effectively from the surface of the skin. The flexible material will help you to move more easily during sleep, as the flat-knit properties make it less likely to wrinkle into skin folds and cause constriction.

JOBST Relax: proven comfort for sleeping

Managing your lymphedema at night can perfectly complement daytime therapy for an all-around uplifted feeling and better treatment outcome. A recent clinical study found that night swelling can impact daily life, by causing pain and contributing to sleep disturbance. JOBST Relax is designed to meet your needs, even while sleeping.1

JOBST Relax garments are easy to use, comfortable and conducive to sleep – that’s scientifically confirmed! A recent observational study showed the following results:2

  • Better Quality of Sleep: 98 % of patients rated quality of sleep good or very good compared to when wearing previous night-time products.
  • Edema Control: Many patients reported a major improvement in their lymphedema the next morning, with 90 % of patients describing handling of day compression to be good or very good after using JOBST Relax at night.
  • Breathability: 86.8 % rated JOBST Relax as good or very good in terms of avoiding heat generation and perspiration, respectively.


JOBST Relax: our assortment for relaxing nighttime compression therapy



Leg Sleeves include integrated anti-slip velour pad on the sole to prevent slipping.


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